RasterTech is a company dedicated to providing state of the art software solutions for a variety of real world imaging issues.  With over 25 years of experience in the scanning and imaging industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best software solutions for your imaging challenges.  From automatic indexing or simple batch image enhancements, to editing images just like CAD editing or performing fully automatic raster to vector conversion into 2D or 3D CAD files -- RasterTech has a solution for you.

RasterTech provides your talented employees with the software tools they need to do their jobs smarter, better and faster than the competition, providing your company with the competitive edge.  What many companies do manually, our software automatically:

  • Converts scanned images into CAD or GIS file formats
  • Indexes images into your EDMS
  • Renames individual scanned sheets according to their extracted title block information
  • Converts 2D CAD files into 3D CAD files
  • Converts 2D scanned images into 3D CAD files
  • Corrects scanned book images for curvature, binding shadows and background noise
  • Extracts intelligent information out of floor plans for facilities management use (estimating, scheduled maintenance, inventory tracking, etc.)

Other features our software provides:

  • Makes old scanned images look like new scanned images
  • Picks up redlines/changes on originals without the need to convert into CAD first
  • Search, view and print any of your companies' images or CAD files with a multiuser interface - records are automatically locked during updating to prevent data loss with version control
  • Mechanical design with the aid of ANSI parts libraries to streamline your design process.

Think of RasterTech as your one stop shop for your Digital Tool Box.  If you don't know how to use the tool, RasterTech provides online training options to get you up and running and being productive in a matter of hours.

Contact us today to see how our product line can fit into your day-to-day workflow and free up your time for the more important things.